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-- 47 minute film produced & directed by Rosa Fairfield --

"I wanted to change the world! Well, at least make it a better place... The first moment I knew I wanted to act was when I went to watch this one action film, in the cinema, when I was little. I remember feeling like I could achieve anything when I left the cinema, like I was a super hero, and I wanted to act so I could give others that feeling. Then, I kind of became obsessed with the filmmaking side of things too. I just love films and want to be part of them in anyway I can be. I'd live inside a movie if that was an option." - Rosa Fairfield

"Reality is a state of mind"


'Perspectives of The Mind' is a 47 minute film, featuring 6 different stories based around 6 different states: tiredness, exaggeration, loneliness, obsession, heartbreak and hallucinations. The film takes a colourful and creative approach, using elements of animation and moments of comedy. 

Tiredness: A mother and daughter try to navigate their troubled relationship. 

Exaggeration: Two people meet on a park bench and share the story of their 'awful' day. 

Loneliness: Amber has an episode whilst at a get-together with a group of friends. They all try to deal with the situation in their respective ways. 

Obsession: Laura Applegate decides to become a fashion blogger with the help of her friend Kay. 

Heartbreak: Ella looks back on a previous relationship which caused her a lot of pain. 

Hallucinations: A young man enters 'The Dating Shop' looking for a new relationship.



"Do-nut worry, I like you too with your little sprinkles, you look good enough to eat."

"Gimme your phone."
"I'm gonna steal it."

"For 20 people that follow me I swear, like, another 40 people unfollow me."

"People don't want honesty, they only think they want honesty."

"I first met Tom on the first day of university, the connection was instant. We were both naive."

"I'm not your mom."



Rosa Fairfield
Georgie Rhys
Gareth Dunn
Michele Olivia
Jasmine Arden--Brown
Hisham Siddiq
Sapphira Chattan
Harry Wight
Gabi Morris
Robert Woodhall
Dylan Butler


Directed, produced, written by:
David Lewis
David Smith
Kathleen Jones
Andrei Lupu
Robert Monteith
Joe Gaffney
Jermaine Pinnock
Benjamin Hodge
James Rosati
Luke Hassan
Linda Smith
Shade Kollektive
Will Poole



Each story was originally intended to be a stand alone short film.

A few of the shots were self-filmed by Rosa, using a self-timer, whilst she was in the scene.

Rosa does actually have a teeth obsession in real life. 

The idea for final segment came from a Heath Ledger quote.

There are also references with the eye and multiple characters, in the last segment, to A Series of Unfortunate Events. This was one of Rosa's favourite books when she was little.



Around the time that I started writing the stories that make up this film, I had an intellectual interest in different psychological disorders. It's a topic I researched a lot, mainly out of my own interest for psychology than anything else. 

I learnt that a lot of symptoms etc tend to overlap. A lot of the time we, as a public, tend to put people into categories based on certain actions they do, without actually having a full understanding of what we're talking about. When, in reality, there could be so many different reasons why people do different things. Yes, that might mean a person has a condition or illness but there might be a completely different reason all together. That's how this movie came about really. I wanted to explore different kinds of states, without labelling a character with a particular diagnosis to simultaneously promote positive wellbeing in all people, as well as try to raise mental health awareness.